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Its good to know to be in the right place

As Bible-believing Christians we place a high value on caring for your children in an atmosphere of rest, safety, security, and order, when you cannot look after them yourselves because of your job.

VIENNA’S NOAH’S ARK wants to transmit Christian values in peer playgroups under the guidance of our experienced staff. The values we stand for, especially in the areas of family life and stable relationships within the family, of conscientiousness, and of accountability in society, are symbolized by the Ark and a rainbow.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of additional services.
We believe in the central importance of making your children familiar with

        - the miracle of Creation,

        - their uniqueness and the value of their personality, and

        - the practical application of the team concept.

Society, especially in Europe, is currently undergoing a process of profound change. The unification process within the European Union has brought together different countries, cultures, languages and opinions, and has given rise to a great deal of activity but also of unrest.

The economic cycle, as well as increasing competion with other countries, have brought about new ways of thinking and flexitime systems in Austria, too. Therefore, we need to use our resources, i.e., our time and money, even more efficiently.

Moreover, traffic in general, park and ride facilities, and closeness to one's workplace so as to minimize daily travel have become more and more important. Our kindergarten enables you to pick up your child right on your way home and to spend your evening together free from stress.