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Noah’s Ark is financed through the monthly payments of the parents, funding of the City of Vienna and donations coming from Christian circles and also from Sponsors, who want to further Christian upbringing and education. In order to provide an atmosphere for their children, to grow into independent thinking adults, who never stop learning and carry Gods character in them.

Several fundraising activities help us to support the work at the kindergarten and help the board to generate the means to cover the expenses of Christian education. 

Your generous support enables our ministry to the children, who Jesus referred to as the „least of all“.

As we joyfully serve our community we would like to invite you to rejoice with us and celebrate the faithfulness of God and how he has blessed us when we needed it the most.
We ask you to pray about how God would have you use your finances that He has blessed you with. May God stir your heart and bless your decision. It is an investment with eternal reward.
On the part of the administration we consider it as an honor and a privilege to be entrusted to care for the funds God provides for these children.
At Noah´s Ark we maintain a low fee in order to make Christian education affordable. 

However, our fees fall short of our annual budget. To fill this gap, we rely on donations from parents and friends of Noah´s Ark
Your financial support is appreciated and encouraged as it enables us to continue offering quality Christian education to students in Vienna especially to the southern commuter belt area. By supporting Noah´s Ark, you become a co-laborer with us in preparing young hearts and minds to reach their full potential, both spiritually and academically.
Financial support helps us fund scholarships to children that would otherwise not be able to attend. In the past we have been able to offer scholarships to families who qualify. It is our hope that through generous supporters, scholarships will be made available to more families in the future.
If God leads you to give to another area not listed specifically, please call the office so we may discuss further. Gifts of this nature would be for specific items you may want purchased for athletics, library, technology, etc.


According to the Austrian Ministry of Finance and the Finanzlandesdirektion, Austrian companies currently cannot deduct any grants or donations given to NA from their taxes. However, if an Austrian company clearly marks their donation as an advertisement, their contributions are tax deductible.
Donations or grants given in cash are only tax deductible if they are given to scientific institutions (Akadamie der Wissenschaften) or educational institutions such as universities or institutions for the education of adults.
According to the Finance Ministry a list has been compiled naming all those institutions in Austria entitled to receive such a donation. Noah´s Ark is not among them. § 18 Einkommensteuergesetz "Spenden - Förderung für Kunst und Wissenschaft".

Please send us a copy of the bank transfer, so we can put you on our sponsors list.
Thank you.

Of course your can also transfer your donation directly to our account in the name of Noah’s Ark.
Bank information:
RLB NÖ - Raiffeisen Landesbank Wien/NÖ, BLZ 32000, Kto. Nr. 7.480.197,

IBAN AT 943 200 007 480 197 BIC RLNWATWW,

lautend auf Arche Noah Kindergarten, Fontanastraße 8, 1100 Wien, Austria