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General Information about Noah´s Ark

History and Philosophy

An idea becomes reality - from kindergarten to school.

The international private kindergarten Noah's ark is a unique, charitable private organisation.
We have many years of experience in the professional care of children and preschool education, and a promising future lies ahead of us. The parents of our children value our flexibility and that our services are fitted to serve their needs.
They are very grateful to our employees for the investment and the dedication to their families.

We place great importance both on social education, loving personal interaction and language enhancement /language acquisition.

At our Kindergarten and after school care centre we care for children from 25 – 35 different nations. Approximately 40 % of our children already grow up in bilingual homes, we provide the opportunity for them to interact with different cultures and get to know or deepen the English language.

It all began over 20 years ago, when we wanted to provide the best Christian upbringing and education for our own children.
1996 we founded the international Private kindergarten Noah’s ark.
In the meantime about 180 children profit from the variety of services we offer.

About 5 years later we were asked by some parents to start a private Christian primary school. Due to the initiative of a few parents a home schooling project was founded, which after 2 years became the Mayflower Christian Academy primary and Middle school.

The MCA provides schooling from the 1st to the 4th grade and promotes both the academic and spiritual development of its pupils.
Since 2008 we also teach the 5th to the 8th grade middle school.

Our location is in the 10th district of Vienna, in the heart of Europe with 300.000 residents.
Our unique educational concepts are aimed toward promoting growth in your children and spark love for the values and principles of God, so they could go out in the work force and into their families as leadership personalities with a strong character, without fear of the multiracial and cultural differences in a rapidly changing „world village“.

For this reason the role of the kindergarten and the educators, the teaching methods and tools have to change, to prepare your children for the challenges of a multicultural, multilingual and transnational society.
In this kindergarten the educators role is also of a mentor, so he would change the life of your child.