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The infrastructure

The premises

All premises were constituted for the use and admittance of 105 children under adherence of current regulations of MA11 (http://www.wien.gv.at/bildung/kindergarten/privat.html).
Currently we have 2 nurseries and 3 Kindergartengroups in a building of 3.800 sqmand an outside green area of appr. 5.000 sqm. The whole campus has a size of of 21.000 sqm.

Movement area

The kindergarten has adequate play and movement areas and large market places.
All precautionary measure for the safety of your children has already been considered in the development of the Kindergarten.

That way your children have ample opportunity to live out their need for movement under the supervision of our staff.

Even under bad weather conditions, the children have access to e big gymhall (400m2) and a 200m2 inside hall at their disposal for gymnastic and sports.

pictures by courtesy of kurt hoerbst photografie