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Primary and secondary school

All our hearts desire is for our children to be successful and happy for the remainder of their lives. We at MCA believe, that the foundation, for this dream to become real is, to provide an extensive academic education, in which the main focus is on the spiritual and moral development.

If you look at our international Christian primary school in the 10th district of Vienna, you can see the dynamic learning environment we created to equip the pupils to manage successfully every challenge life puts on them.
As important as the academic performance might be, it is meaningless, if we fail to educate the pupils to be a positive influence to the moral social fabric of our society.

Through the biblical principles, which are intertwined with every aspect of our curriculum, we convey Christian values to the children.
Thus the children mature into being prepared to either lead or serve.
It is our hearts desire, that you can feel the care and love we have for all the children we attend to daily in our building.


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At the end of their schooldays the pupils should have learned:

  • To use their God given talents and the skills they learned at our school at the right moment
    Dispose a high level of own initiative
    to realistically assess their situation
    to step by step conquer unknown territory
    to continually and persistently study and know how to accumulate knowledge through learned study methods
    dispose above average level of social and academic competence
    Are acquainted with their European heritage and have high regard for other cultures and traditions
    Are people that act, not just react, who know how to handle a crisis and carry a love for learning and reflection throughout their lives

Thank you for taking time to closely look at Christian international primary school, Mayflower Christian Academy.
We pray that God may bless your efforts to make the right decision for the future of your child.