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Workshops - Additional Offers - Special Courses

During the core hours Noah’s Ark provides a very intense and diversified educational program

However we are always trying to offer extra courses and Programs.
Children experience great joy through learning new skills.

We can offer following courses at the moment:

Soccer, Tennis, Ballet, Musical/Choir, healthy cooking club, sing-clap-play, violin, ice skating, swimming, language classes,...

The obligatory ice-skating course is also available

Every Wednesday we offer a tennis course in our hall. This is being organized through a local tennis club.

We offer a special German course for children. If we find and assess that your child needs additional tutoring, the course would be mandatory. 
Our native speakers of course offer to teach and deepen English grammar.

You can always tell by the many guitar cases in the building, that the guitar lesson is being held that day.

We always ask the parents to take that guitar home with them during the week, otherwise how should your child be able to practice :-)

In the past we also offered musical dance lessons, flute and many other workshops.

Once the registration is advertised, it is important to sign up as quickly as possible, as the spaces are limited and booked very fast.


In our house there are the rehursial rooms of the internationally recognized choir "MOZART KNABEN CHOR". Please get an impression of their work by looking at their promo video . If you want to contact them - www.mozartknabenchor.at.