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Christian education in our daily kindergarten routine

As an Christian educational institution with employees from various Christian denominations (Lutheran, catholic,  evangelical..) we have the privilege to reflect on Christian values in a very unique way.

To teach and to learn are a natural process and are in relation to one another.  – the heart and mind of the teacher and the heart and mind of the student are interacting with each other. there is no process of learning that does not involve a process of faith. Every kind of education and teaching is based on some ones belief system.
In this manner education and teaching are never neutral, because every Curriculum ever written is based on the persons faith system and always conveys their worldview. no matter if it is a religious educational institution or a secular one.

With this aspect in mind Christian education for us means also transparency towards the parents. 
We aim to visualize the foundation, content and the implementation of our educational work. This happens by means of our information folders, parent teacher conferences, parent magazine, Information boards, open house, celebrations ... 
In our work with the children entrusted to us, we want to impart the character of God, biblical principles and values through songs, rhymes, stories, role play etc... together with the children we want to get to know God as creator, celebrate and understand Christian celebrations, discover people of the bible and their lives, look into values which are the foundation of life in the family, kindergarten and society.

The biblical work should always be age appropriate and be sensitive towards children of other religious backgrounds, not choke or superimpose  other aspects, but serve as a strong foundation for all other educational areas. 
The unswerving basis of our educational work are the unconditional acceptance of every child and Gods love towards us.