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The educational curriculum of Noah´s Ark

The special educational concept of Arche Noah is based on the formal Austrian curriculum and prepares your child in the best way possible for his school start.

In our Nursery groups 2 basic elements are of great importance: having a sense of wellbeing and to feel secure and the positive influence on the early childhood development that these elements have. Another essential part is to promote motor development, as well as the German and the English language.

 In our family groups children of different age groups playfully encounter each other. Our groups feature different play areas for the diverse interests the children have and offer endless activities to promote development in every area of education. Creativity, music, role-playing, exercises for fine motor skills and much more.

In the daily routine, times of concentration alternate with free play and times of rest.For the physical activities of all age groups we have a in-house outdoor area and a big hall at our disposal.