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The Preschool Program

In our daily workings with the children, the children are already being playfully prepared for school even before they are „preschoolers“.

Yet in their last kindergarten year prior to school, we place added effort on support for special educational needs.

The preschool education of Arche Noah kindergarten is based on the formal Austrian curriculum for elementary schools and contains elements of the daily kindergarten routine.

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The preschool education in the last year of kindergarten consist of 3 parts:

- learning stations -day
we offer 6 different stations around one theme and the kids are divided in groups.

  • we offer the following stations
  • early math education
    Grapho- and fine motor skills 
    language education (German); Sounds, rhymes,...
    language education (English)
    rhythmical-musical education
    open learning

- small groups
an experienced educator is present each year and  accompanies all preschools across all groups and consults and supports the group leaders with the preschool work.

This preschool educator offers additional units during the week for the children in their last year at kindergarten and works with them in small groups, because it is directed specifically to the needs of each individual, the program varies from child to child.

- open learning
Each group has their own special preschool area. There are games and exercise sheets, as well as the folders and pencils cases from the children. 
It is up to the educators to motivate the children regularly to use the open learning area.