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FAQ - Oft gestellte Fragen

When do I have to register for the Arche Noah? When is the best time to start kindergarten?

The ideal time to start kindergarten is around your child’s 3rd birthday. The registration should be made at least 1 year before the planned entry. Please make an appointment with our office. The registration is only valid with the signature of our manager and the deposit of the registration fee.

How do I register at the kindergarten?

You can find Information about our kindergarten on our website. The registration procedure starts with a mandatory appointment with one of our staff members of the kindergarten office. (Tel. 0043 1 641 94 95).

My child’s is 5 already what’s the latest possible entry to kindergarten for my child?

In the year before they start school, children in Austria are required to attend kindergarten at least 20 hours/week. Please make sure to register your child ahead of time. (At least 1 year)

I am still abroad – is it possible to contact you through SKYPE?

Yes – on our Website, at the bottom you find a SKYPE-Button.

Every Wednesday from 8.00 am – 10.00 am and 2.00pm – 4.00 pm you can contact us through Skype.

I start to work before 7.00am or sometimes have to work until 7.00pm. Do you provide childcare outside of the core hours?

Our official opening hours are from 6.00am to 8.00pm at night. But if your work schedule permits it, we can offer additional care at off peak hours for the costs please check our fees.

At what times should my child definitely be present?

Most of our educational program takes place in the morning, your child will profit from being part of the Group Activity’s. In the afternoons additional activities are offered, especially to promote exercise and creativity.

What do I have to bring on the first day of Kindergarten?

On the first day your child will only need slippers. On that day you will receive a welcome folder from your child’s teachers containing all the important details and information.

Is everybody allowed to pick my child up?

No, we need personal information, telephone numbers and a photo from every person that’s allowed to pick up your child.
Your child will always be personally entrusted to the person picking him up.
In exceptional cases other people can pick up him up, provided that these were announced by the parents and can identify themselves.

Is my child allowed to go home by itself? Or are his siblings allowed to pick him up?

If your child is in Kindergarten, he is not allowed to go home by himself. We will also not put him in a taxi.
Siblings are allowed to pick your child up, provided that a.) They are registered with the office to do so b.) They are at least 18 years old.

Can I let my child out infront of the kindergarten and he walks to his group alone?

No – by no means you are allowed to drop a kindergartener off outside the kindergarten. The child has to always be personally entrusted to the teacher in charge.

What shall I do if my child has lice?

Any child can get lice. This has nothing to do with his social surrounding, hygiene or your living situation. There is no need for embarrassment and shame.

  1. If you realize in the morning already, please do NOT bring your child to kindergarten!
  2. There are very good products available at the pharmacy, shampoos, spray (A-PAR forte or HEDRIN) etc. to fight the lice.
    It is absolutely necessary to remove ALL lice AND the NITS (EGGS). Please wash the clothes, beddings, cuddle toys at least 60 degrees and vacuum the couch and all carpets.
  3. AFTER you have done that, please see your doctor and get a medical certificate. Only then your child is allowed to come back to kindergarten.
    The danger of transmitting the lice again is too big.
    If you prefer, you can visit Vienna’s public disinfection facilities. Costs are about 17€
  4. We will check your child again to see if he indeed is free of lice

What happens if my child gets ill during the day?

The office will contact the parents and inform them about the extent of the illness.
To prevent the other children from getting infected, we ask you to pick your child up immediately

Where do I report that my child is sick?

Please contact the office in the morning and let them know how long your child will not be able to attend kindergarten.

What kind of food is served? Does my child have to eat?

A well balanced, vitamin rich diet is very important to us for your child. For breakfast and lunch we always offer fresh fruit and vegetables. We encourage your children to partake of the meals, even try dishes they do not know yet and help themselves to portions according to their appetite. We partner with Fa. MAXCATERING

Is there Naptime after lunch? What happens with the children that cannot/ or should not sleep?

In all groups there is a general resting time until 2 pm. the children can either lie down to sleep, quietly read a book or draw etc.. The decision is made with the parents.

Are there additional courses and if yes which ones?


We have a big range of different additional courses. Schwimming, ice-skating, language courses, tennis, etc.. Please check the Inpoints or the office for additional information about these offers and the times.

When is the kindergarten closed? How do I get informed about special events in the kindergarten?

On our website under „NEWS“ you find all events and under „CALENDER“ you find all important dates. Important Events are also announced on the info board in your group.

Can I leave my stroller in kindergarten?

In the entrance area behind the big seat steps there is an extra room to leave your stroller.

How do I know to which park the group left to?

Parents are always notified before hand about every trip. In the entrance area close to the Iron Gate is a board with all information. Here you find general information and maps to the parks.

What is the best time to speak to the teacher/ caretaker?

In our extensive welcome folder, which you’ll receive on your first day, you can find the contact information from your child’s teachers.

Please contact the teacher ahead of time to arrange an appointment. We love to take time to talk to you, but during the core hours we would like to work undisturbed with the children.
Twice a year you have the opportunity to speak to your teacher about your child’s developments during the report card meeting.

Is there a special dress code / uniform?

The clothes should be practical and easily washable. Your children spend a lot time playing with colours, going to the park and playing outside or in our gym. Sturdy shoes provide safety during all activities.

Do you celebrate my child’s birthday in the group?

Yes, your child’s birthday is an important event for us too. The teachers know every child’s birthday based on the registration list.

I am separated from my partner and I do not want them to pick our child up. What do I have to do?

legally we are obligated to entrust the child to both parents. Only in case of a written judicial arbitrament it can be limited.

How can I as a parent shape the daily life of the kindergarten?


Help at the celebrations, accompany trips, participation on our learning stations day and help with individual group projects.