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Breakfast, lunch, snacks


The core competence of Noah’s ark is to aim all our time and efforts to shape your childs character and nourish their God given personality.
Our physical well being and our culinary needs are taken care of by „Mittella“; this company has been working with us for many years and spoils us with delicacies from the European cuisine.

„Mittella“ places special importance on supplying all necessary Vitamins and minerals.
The warm meals (incl. raw vegetables, fruit and Snacks) are being delivered daily at 11.00 am and served at lunchtime.
In consideration of members of other religions, we do not serve pork.

Your ideas and suggestions in regard to a balanced diet are very welcome, as we constantly want to improve this very important aspect of our service.

Speiseplan 15.10. - 19.10. 2018

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